We offer PREMIUM FLEECE from our very own Llamas!
Only the finest fibered Llama fleeces are used for processing;
many of which have been shown in fleece competitions all
over the United States winning numerous top awards.

Prior to shearing, the Llamas are groomed and blown out,
so there is minimal debris. We also take extra care in
making sure the fleece we sell is from the prime area and
is heavily skirted, so no leg or belly fiber.
There is minimal guard hair so what you get is
extremely SOFT, FINE and LUSTROUS!

4 oz packages are $12.00 each

Light Reddish Brown "Nadia"
93% Llama, 7% Firestar
1 Available


Medium Brown "Good Guy"
93% Llama, 7% Firestar
6 Available

Dark Brown "Pizzaz"
93% Llama, 7% Firestar
1 Available

  Dark Grey "Tatyanna"
93% Llama, 7% Firestar
3 Available