Farm Photos


Our cat Molly, with one of our Herdsires,
CTF Renegade's Vigilante. They truly love each other!

Some of our "Ccara" Classic Females (top) & young Males (bottom)

Nancy and Rumpelteazer BDR
Pet Costume Contest - Estacada, Oregon

Lily, Eminem and Logan
Clackamas County Fair - Canby, Oregon

Hiking at Lower Twin Lakes near Mt. Hood with the
Llama Llovers 4-H Club and Friends

Cria's (babies) playing

Eagle Creek Saloon - Eagle Creek, Oregon

Winter - 2018

Llama Llover's 4-H Club at the Estacada 4th of July Parade

Carlos and Eminem with the
Estacada Fire Department at the Estacada Timber Festival

HOLR Thunderstruck
2011 Celebration World Futurity Top 10 Winner
Purchased by Chris, Venesa & Emily Carter of Criven Llamas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kayla & RDRL Chilean Carlos Antonio
2008 - Macy's Holiday Parade in Portland, Oregon

FGL Chilean School's Out!

Midnight Illusion "Magic"

HOLR Alex, being shown by his owner Jonathan Cauffield
at the 2008 SWWLA play day. Way to go....Jonathan!

Summer Daisy, shown here with Jonathan Cauffield
at the 2008 SWWLA play day
(photos courtesy of Jacintha Cauffield)



2007 - Rounder and Triften on a pack trip
The Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho
Thank you Jim Gosnell & Family

Sherri showing Midnight Illusion "Magic" in Advanced Performance
2007 ALSA Grand Nationals - Lincoln, Nebraska

2007 Northwest Llama Drive In
Farragut State Park in Idaho

Joe & Pam Staub - 2007 Herman Creek Trail in the Columbia Gorge
Rescues Llamas they got from us, that were untrained to pack
(Allison's Cher, Allison's Angel, Mr. Smokey & Rainy)

Sherri & Midnight Illusion "Magic"
2004 ALSA Grand Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska

Visitors from New Zealand
June 2004
(Penny King & Terry Spekreijse)

Visitors from Switzerland
December 2004
Arnold Luginbuhl &
Rudolf Broennimann

2004 - Hoodview Junior Academy Field Trip

2004 - Portland Rose Festival Parade

2004 - Somerset Assisted Living Center Visit

2003 - Oregon City Head Start School Field Trip

2003 - Sandy Ridge School Field Trip
(both Simba-cat & HOLR Gunsmoke-Llama, got on the bus that day!)

2002 - Hermosa's Haley with the Oregon City Head Start School

2002 - Meier & Frank Holiday Parade
Portland, Oregon

2003 - Phillip Foster Farm - Alpaca Excursion
Eagle Creek, Oregon

2002 - Moonshot at the Abbott Family Reunion
Estacada, Oregon

Summer 1996 - Hiking at McIver State Park
Estacada, Oregon