Hi Trl Jack O' Neill
ILR #276239 - Ccara

Jack has earned the following
Lifetime Achievement Awards...

ILR Universal Awards Program - Certificate of Achievement
Beyond the Showring - Packing

"Jack" is truly a gentle giant. He stands an impressive
48.75" at the withers and is currently over 400#.
Extreme power, sweet, calm disposition,
size, substance, short fiber that is easy to care for; what more
could you want in a pack llama? The perfect companion!

Visit the North American Ccara Association
to learn more about the TRUE WORKING Llama!

Our dear friend Becky Willhite and Jack at the
2012 ALSA Grand Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska

of the Light Wool Adult Male Halter Class!

2012 ALSA Southwestern Regionals - Red Bluff, California
GRAND CHAMPION - Light Wool Male
Hiking at McIver Park in Estacada

Some of his offspring

Linda's Crown Jewel
2018 Cascade Llama Show & Sale

HOLR Linda's Royal Princess
2017 Light Wool Female

FPL Dahlia
GRAND CHAMPION Light Wool Female

HOLR Linda's Royal Princess
(x FPL Linda Tall Trees)
2017 Female

HOLR Belle of the Ball
(x Hi Trl Beka Valentine)
2016 Female
HOLR Iron Eagle
(x FPL Estacada)
2016 Male

Linda's Crown Jewel
(x FPL Linda Tall Trees)
2016 Female
King Jack
(x GNLC Calypso)
2015 Male

HOLR Pistol Annie
(x FPL Estacada)
2015 Female
FPL Eskalade
(x PL Eskala)
2015 Male

FPL Dahlia
(x Dear Me)
2014 Female
HOLR Kiss Me Kate
(x LEL Lady Avaughnna)
2014 Female