~ Mary Poplin ~
ILR #95781



She is a full sister to THE ROYAL CANADIAN

Mary Poplin is bred to
GC's INCA LEGEND for February 2009! 
She delivered a beautiful female on 2/27/09!



The Canadian ~ Wooly Willy  
Chiquita RI05 ~  
Isabella Bel


Mary Hartman ~ Doc PL ~ Dr. Doolittle
Snow White
Mary Poppins  

Her offspring.....


FPL Mary Pop Starr
2005 Female
(x Starr Fyter)

PL Mary Marvelous
2001 Female
(x Picazo)

Pretty Mary
2000 Female
(x Suletan)

Mary Poppy
1999 Female
(x Suletan)


1998 Female
(x Lubec)


Mary Pop-Up
1997 Female
(x Lubec)


Mary Mary
1995 Female
(x Lubec)