HI TRL Vaughn
ILR #287409 - Ccara

Owned by Al & Sondra Ellis
(307) 537-3310
Highline Trail Llamas
Boulder, Wyoming


"Wil and I would like to thank Al & Sondra Ellis of Highline Trail Llamas in Wyoming for your friendship and invalueable guidance in raising some of the top "Ccara" Classic pack and breeding stock available today. We are truly humbled at the opportunity to carry on a part of your legacy and are excited to see what the future holds".

HI TRL Vaughn & his dam, UC Poka
Some of his offspring


HOLR Storm Trooper
(x HI TRL Shannon Storm)
2021 Male

HOLR Paisley
(x HOLR Pistol Annie)
2021 Female
HOLR Maverick
(x HI TRL Megyn)
2019 Male

HOLR Jasper
(x LEL Joan Jet)
2019 Male
HOLR Sgt. Pepper
(x LEL Lucy In The Sky)
2019 Male

HOLR Evaughna
(x FPL Estacada)
2019 Female
HOLR Shayla
(x HI TRL Shannon Storm)
2019 Female