CTF Renegade's Vigilante
ILR #273916

Vigilante has earned the following
Lifetime Achievement Awards...

ILR Show Division - Certificate of Achievement - Halter

ILR Universal Awards Program - Certificate of Achievement - Halter

ALSA Recognition of Merit (ROM) - Halter

(photos by Steve Rolfing)

Co-owned with Steve & Sue Rolfing
of Great Northern Ranch in Montana

His Offspring


HOLR Vigilante's
Leap of Faith

(x FPL Linda Tall Trees)
2018 Female
HOLR Vigilante's

(x Ollendick Farms Tatyanna)
2018 Female

HOLR Vigilante's
Black Heart

(x Joan Jet)
2018 Male
HOLR Vigilante's

(x Acaisha)
2018 Male