Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch
Celebrating 23 years in business...

We are the Tallmon Family... Wil, Sherri Kayla & Logan. Our farm is located on
50 acres near the small town of Estacada; 35 miles Southeast of Portland, Oregon.
We have been
in business since 1996 and currently have 50 Llamas. We have a wide range of Llamas FOR SALE, so be sure and visit the sale pages, as well as our
CLASSY CAMELID COLLECTION where we offer luxurious fiber products
and other Llama related products for sale!

Our farm has a wide range of Llamas, from reasonably priced pets at $750 on up
to exceptional breeding stock, light wool classics and"Ccara" breeding/packing prospects and show Llamas. We pay special attention to good bloodlines,
correct conformation, beautiful fleece, as well as raising and training
Llamas that have a nice disposition.

Llamas you can have fun with!
Our website is updated often, but if you don't see what you are looking for please let us know. We usually have some Llamas available that just aren't listed yet. You will want to visit our HERDSIRES page to see some of the top quality breeding males our farm has to offer, as well as our FOUNDATION females. We now have a PERFORMANCE page that shows some of what we do with the Llama's and be sure to visit the BABIES page for any new little arrivals beginning in MARCH 2019.
We feel we have a lot to offer; not only because of our diverse selection but the help you will receive once you take your llama(s) home. Our main concern is not only making sure every Llama we sell or place is happy and healthy, but that you are satisfied with your purchase. All Llamas we sell or place, come with a well fitted halter & lead, literature that is necessary for their care, ranch guarantee, unlimited after sale support and are current on vaccinations, deworming, nail trimming and shearing. Another important part of our farm is helping with Llama Rescue. As with most animals, we occasionally come across unwanted or abused Llamas that are in desperate need of a good home, which is why we take breeding quality Llamas very serious! In many cases, some of the Llamas we come across have been well cared for, but simply need to be relocated for various reasons, this is where we come in. If you are new to Llamas and are interested in learning more about these unique pets, please be sure to visit our INFORMATION page!

We enjoy our Llamas in a variety of ways....from showing them across the country, to going in parades, visiting schools, adult assisted living centers, taking them on hikes, using their gorgeous fiber and our very favorite, raising and training those adorable babies! We invite you to send us an e-mail or give us a call at 503-710-7541.

Thank You for visiting our website, come back soon!