ILR #284545

(photo at age 13)

We purchased Melano in 2017 from Llamas Colorado where he was
being used both for breeding and as a packer. He is one cool guy
that glides when he walks, he is so smooth. He stands close to 45"
at the withers, is around 300# and has a wonderful disposition!

His Offspring
  HOLR Miata
(x HI TRL Mia)
2018 Female

HOLR Montana
(x HOLR Marissa)
2018 Female
(x Sunora's Zoe)
2018 Female

HOLR Magnum
(x Hi Trl Megyn)
2018 Male

HOLR Sophie's Madeira
(x Sophie)
2018 Female

HOLR Sierra Starr
(x Hi Trl Shannon Storm)
2018 Female
HOLR Estella
(x FPL Estacada)
2018 Female