~ RDRL Hondo ~
ILR #161474


March 2003 Issue - CQ



Hondo with Wendy Hallman - Artist

Needle Felting


Hondo is 3/4 Chilean and gorgeous!
He absolutely LOVES attention and his sweet disposition
is something he passes on to his offspring, along with wonderful
fiber.  He has excellent conformation and heavy, silky brown
fiber with grey undertones. He is only 40" at the withers and
currently registered as foundation stock with the


Please give us a call if you would like for information or
would like to come out and visit him yourself.

2012 Stud Fee:  $350

*Includes 30 days FREE board and a live cria guarantee.

Thank You!!!
To Ken & Celia Austin of Rain Dance Ranch, for allowing
us to purchase this breeding male. He has done many great things
for our farm and holds a special place in our heart.
He will be with us always!


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SIRE:  Number One Son

DAM:  Miss Chi Chi's Leona

His offspring . . .

HOLR Black Tie Affair
2005 Male
(x RLL Sienna)

HOLR Black Pearl
2003 Female
(x Cassie's Midnight Lace)

HOLR Suzanna
2002 Female
(x RDRL Chestnut)

HOLR Silver Bullet
2002 Male
(x Aspen Spring's Kisha)

HOLR Raeanna
2002 Female
(x Chilean Sweet Iris)

HOLR Savannah
2002 Female
(x Sweet Curly Sue)

Ozzy D' Llama
2002 Male
(x Madame Suri FLR)

HOLR Sierra
2002 Female
(x Hermosa's Haley)

HOLR Sandman
2002 Male
(x Hillview Carbon Copy)

HOLR Romeo
2002 Male
(x CL Balari)

HOLR Black Frost
2001 Male
(x Aspen Spring's Kisha)

HOLR Sienna
2000 Female
(x RDRL Chestnut)

HOLR Fireworks
2000 Male
(x Madame Suri FLR)


HOLR Alexis
2000 Female
(x Odette)


HOLR Silver Lady
2000 Female
(x *Chilean Dominique)


HOLR Amber
1999 Female
(x RDRL Chestnut)